5 Wall Painting Designs for Living Room

Living room is most probably the first space that you see when you enter the house. It is a space for you and your family members to relax and spend time together either watching TV quietly or having a chit chat with each other. Other than that, it is the first impression of your house to your welcoming guests. Thus, an impressive and cozy living room is what most people are fondling of.

The first thing that can immediately create a better ambiance to your living room is by wall painting. Are you wondering what are the wall painting design that can apply to your living room? What are the best color for living room wall? Here are 5 wall painting designs that you can apply for your living room.

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1. Texture Paint

There are different types of texture paint that creates different effect on the wall. One of the popular ones are cement effect texture paint. It creates an industrial concept to the space. You can feel the living space is well designed as if it appears in an architectural magazine. It brings out a cool and urban ambiance to the living room.

Another texture paint effect is sparkle effect texture paint. These type of texture paint works well in silver and gold color because it can brings out the texture and sparkle effect.. If you are a person who like strong and vibrant design, this wall paint idea is perfect for you.

Matt effect texture paint recreate intricate works of Italian craftsmanship. If you area a person who appreciate fine arts and crafts, you will find this matte effect texture paint is a master piece for you. You will find your living room wall as a big piece of master piece from the classical.

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There is no any texture paint wall that is 100% the same. This means that every texture paint wall is unique. This is because texture paint requires workmanship and not by machine. Each of the texture paint effect requires different and its own special technique. You can either hire professional painter or D.I.Y. by learning through video resources from the supplier.

2. Design on wall with tape

This wall paint idea is suitable for modern concept and younger age group. You can design any shape either triangle, rectangular, linear, vertical or even slant line on the wall. Each border of the shape can be paint with different color. You can draft your wall graphic design on a paper first. After you have finalize your satisfied design, you can paint the base coat on the wall. After it is dry for at least 6 hours, you can use a paint masking tape to stick on the wall according and proportionate to the design that you have sketch previously. Next, you can paint on each part with the wall color combination that you like with 2 layer of interior wall paint. Peel of the masking tape after the final layer of paint is completely dry. You will see your final wall painting design with various shape and color. It is just like printing a digital graphic design on a real wall.

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3. Cement effect wall paint

This wall painting style will create industrial concept to your living spaces. If you are a person who likes raw touches and accept imperfection, this is the perfect wall paint idea that you can use. This wall painting style will bring you cooling effect as the natural cement grey tone is in the cool tone category.

The steps to apply the cement effect all paint is not complicated. You will need to apply the primer and let it dry for at least 24 hours. After that, apply the first layer of cement effect paint and let it dry. Apply the second layer of cement effect paint again to make the cement effect stand out. Lastly, after all the paint is dry, apply the last layer which is the sealer act as a layer to protect the cement effect wall paint. The technique while applying the first and second layer of the cement effect paint is quite crucial. You may hire a professional painter or do it yourself if you enjoy to experiment it.

4. All White

Yes, it is all white. You might doubt that “are you sure that you are suggesting us to paint all the wall in white color?” “Wouldn’t it be like no design at all?” . Painting all the walls to be white doesn’t mean make the whole living space to become nothing. Total white will create a clean and minimalist ambiance. You can hang some artistic painting or sculpture on the white walls. Your painting and sculpture will be able to stand out and brings a total new ambiance to the spaces.

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5. Two color combination formula for living room

The two color combination formula is one feature wall color and the rest of the wall to be neutral tone color.

Feature wall color should be color that is stronger or darker. It makes it the first wall that attracts your attention when you enter the living room. It also creates a depth to the living area. Feature wall paint usually apply on the TV wall or the wall behind the sofa.

Other than the feature wall, neutral tone color such as light grey, light beige, white or anything light paint color should be selected for the remaining wall of the living room. This is to tone down the feature wall color and make the living space looks bigger

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